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Satellite Launch Services

Rocketplane XS: Satellite delivery with a reusable rocketplane. Takeoff from any commercial airport, use jet engines to fly to 40,000 ft. Load jet fuel and Oxygen from a tanker airplane. Then start the rocket engine and fly to 120 km altitude, Mach 11. Release a satellite with a booster to take it to orbit, coast back to atmosphere, restart the jet engines, and fly home. Simple operations, no launch pad, standard airplane operations.


Our vehicles are designed with high reusability, fast turnaround. 
Rocketplane has targeted small satellites needing rapid deployment.


In Air Refueling

Our spaceplane designs push the boundaries of conventional aerospace thinking implementing aircraft-like operations paired with high reusability and reliability.


Satellite Deployment

Our specialty is small satellite rapid deployment services.  The injected payload ranges from 1500 kg to 3000 kg, depending on the desired orbit.

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