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Our Heritage

Rocketplane's vision is to be a driving force in commercial space travel.  
Rocketplane Global, Inc. has a rich background of designed vehicles in its portfolio.  With years of engineering and design work by skilled teams of engineers and analysists, Rocketplane is positioned to become a leader in space tourism.

About Us

Rocketplane has recognized that industry is dramatically different today with easy and full access to people and resources in various locations. A large company of experts is less effective today than a distributed organization working closely with experts in smaller, more focused groups, often in different cities and different countries. We no longer have our own manufacturing facilities - a dramatic savings of cash flow and a vast improvement in efficiency. Instead we are using the established facilities of many companies specialized in various aspects of manufacturing a supersonic airplane and rockets. This gives us full control, with the experts and facilities available when and as needed at minimal cost and maximum productivity.

CEO and Director John A. Burgener, has been developing reusable rockets since 1991. He was instrumental in founding Rotary Rocket Company as one of the three original investors, along with Walt Anderson and Tom Clancy. He was one of the first investors in Xcor. He was one of the early investors in Pioneer Rocketplane, and was a board member of Pioneer for several years.  Mr. Burgener is president of Telegistics Inc., Burgener Research Inc., and of Dynamic Daylilies Inc., all of Ontario, Canada.  Mr. Burgener has worked professionally in all branches of the sciences, and holds an honors degree from U of Toronto in Physics and Geology.
Our team of engineers include the original master designers, Mitchell Burnside Clapp and Dan Raymer, and additional engineers supporting them. Supporting engineers are also working on a distributed management basis - contracting companies as needed for specific tasks.

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Investment Partnership Opportunity

Join forces with us to co-create a spaceplane that promises unparalleled human spaceflight experiences.


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