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Rocketplane's philosophy is built on dreams of making space travel as common as airline transportation.

Rocketplane Global, Inc. aims to be a driving force in the future of commercial space flight.

Our vision is to create a series of highly reusable and safe space vehicles to serve passenger space travel, military, and commercial applications in suborbital space and beyond.  


Rocketplane XP Suborbital Flight Trajectory.png

The Overview Effect

This vast planet we call home suddenly viewed from afar.  Like a precious gem, seen from a new perspective.  Floating above the sky, it all becomes clear.  Seeing the awe and beauty of Earth from a new vantage point…the wonder of what’s beyond…the vastness of this universe.  Stillness and tranquility felt miles above the Earth.  Our planet, our place in it, has just become so much more.

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The Flight of a Lifetime Awaits You

The XP spaceplane contains innovative engineering solutions, delivering a superior passenger experience.  The Rocketplane XP is designed to operate from any airport or spaceport able to handle a 747.  Weekly flights are projected as the takeoff and landing criteria generally fit standard flight conditions.  Several locations for a spaceport style base are under consideration, including the Florida Spaceport; Oscoda–Wurtsmith Airport, Michigan; and Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Scotland.  Currently in Preliminary Design Review (PDR), the spacecraft will be constructed within three to four years once construction begins again.  We expect the cost to be in the $250,000 per passenger flight range.  Rocketplane Global delivers the following key performance criteria:

Sustainable Spacecraft

Functional Design

Maximum accessibility with take off (launch) and land (return) via standard airport runway, via horizontal take off and landing.

Proven Technology

High Performance

Mature technologies are utilized throughout the design minimizing the developmental risk of the vehicle.

Redundant Architecture

Safe & Stable

Having both jet engines and a rocket in one vehicle allows Rocketplane to restart its jet engines after returning from space.  Additionally, key systems are dual redundant providing much greater safety for the passengers.


Beyond Earth
Beyond Imagination
Be On the Next Flight

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