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Beyond Earth 

Beyond Imagination
Be On The Next Flight

Rocketplane Global, Inc. is designing a state-of-the-art reusable spacecraft.  Our spaceplane designs push the boundaries of conventional aerospace thinking as we plan for high reusability and reliability.


Scientifically Designed 
Safest Flight
to Orbit


Designed with Precision

The Rocketplane® XP Vehicle is a six-seat fighter-sized vehicle fitted with a high performance wing and a T-tail which provide good flight characteristics both subsonically and supersonically. The cabin environment is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature and pressure for the occupants while providing an excellent view of the Earth from space. It is constructed with many of the same systems as a normal jet aircraft, but also includes features required for its flight into space including its rocket engine, reaction control system (RCS), and internal air supply.

Approaching Altitude

The vehicle is powered by both turbojet engines and a rocket engine, enabling it to accelerate to speeds just over 3,500 feet per second (2,386 miles per hour) and reach altitudes in excess of 330,000 feet (100 kilometers) providing the sensation of weightlessness for three to four minutes!


Analytical Capabilities

Rocketplane Global's analysis team includes experts in thermodynamics, aerodynamics, trajectory and performance analysis, structural analysis, and systems engineering. Our skills personnel come from Lockheed, Boeing, Cessna, Bombardier, and carry varied backgrounds in both launch vehicle and aircraft design and analysis.
Analysis by Rocketplane Global and our subcontractors is performed using industry proven software including AGPS, TetRuss, Miniver, Lanmin, dbMass, ISPcalc, OTIS, NASTRAN, DATCOM, Matlab/Simulink, PANAIR, VECC, MGAERO, VLAERO, ANSYS, CEC/Trans 72, SPF2, Orbital Entry Aeroheating Evaluator, FLOW3D, OVERFLOW, and MSFC Gaseous Radiation Codes.

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