Rocketplane Global, Inc. (RGI) was founded in 2001 as an Oklahoma Corporation with a vision to be a driving force in the future of commercial space flight. Rocketplane opened its first office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in May 2004, with three employees and a dialup web connection. In the last four years, RGI has significantly advanced the design of our XP suborbital vehicle and reduced risk in many technological fronts.

Rocketplane’s strongest asset is our skilled team of engineers, analysts, managers, and support staff. Our combined vision is to create a series of highly reusable and safe space vehicles to serve the markets in the suborbital, point-to-point, orbital regions and beyond. Our spaceplane designs push the boundaries of conventional aerospace thinking as we strive for high reusability and reliability, aircraft-like operations, and flexibility to serve a variety of military and commercial applications.

Rocketplane’s philosophy is built on the dreams of a combined number of people committed to making space travel a reality in our lifetime. With a number of strategic partnerships both contractually and via networking Rocketplane is strategically advanced with government and public entities all across the United States and internationally.